Resident Testimonials

"Today Haddon Hills maintenance gentlemen, Greg and Charlie answered my call for help. I needed my heating elements checked and fixed because most of my heaters were not giving enough heat. Greg took care of the task, working hard and efficiently. He had to take my living room heater apart to adjust it. He also fixed the heater in the front entrance to our building. It sure makes a difference!

Charlie came to replace two blinds; one in the kitchen and the other in the living room. He needed to use a drill for the living room. They are in and I am truly happy with their workmanship. You can tell they get along by the way they interacted and helped each other.

Greg and Charlie are gems for Haddon Hills tenants and owners. I couldn't thank them enough.

Haddon Hills has wonderful, kind and patient office and maintenance staff. Happiest of holidays to them and their families."

Current Resident Haddon Hills

"I am very lucky to live at 61 Duncan Avenue. Living in this apartment gives me a great quality of life. It is a genuine pleasure for me to pause and compliment ALL of your services. I DO NOT TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED."

Resident 61 Duncan Avenue Apartments

"I don't have any suggestions for improvement, but every time I had a question or matter to resolve, it was answered/resolved right away."

Resident Crossroad Gardens Apartments

"This would be a perfect opportunity to complain about something, but the truth is my mom's been at Clara Barton 48 years and in the last few years service and any questions have been answered in a respectful and timely manner. Thanks to Betty our agent and the superb staff you should be proud. "

Family Member of a Resident Clara Barton Apartments

"Dear Crossroads Management: It has come to my attention that Crossroads is looking for best employee of the year. We are voting for Gill Santiago, he been a great help to us. Gill is a hard working employee and very honest. We hope that he gets elected. We are very honored that he part of Crossroads. P.S. - thank you so much for letting us share our vote. "

Resident Crossroads Gardens Apartments

"Dear Mr. Pile: I am writing this letter to inform you that our on-site Property Manager, Betty, has been doing an excellent job with the tenants of Clara Barton Apartments. Several of my neighbors have complimented her for her professionalism and handling of tenant's concerns. She has helped to try and resolve several issues for me personally.

I feel it's about time that we had someone that understands when certain issues need to be resolved. I hope Cronheim Management values an employee that sometimes goes beyond the scope of their responsibilities to solve issues that arise with the tenants of Clara Barton Apartments. "

Resident Clara Barton Apartments

"Dear Mr. Goldberg: I am writing to let you know how happy I am with the guidance and quality of service I received from Betty DuChantier during my recent move at Clara Barton Apartments.

I have been a tenant at Clara Barton since 1998 and decided to make the move from an un-renovated to a renovated apartment. Betty was most instrumental in helping me make this decision and walking me step-by-step through the process. She has promised me she would do all she could to make the transition smooth and she actually exceeded my expectations.

Betty basically held my hand throughout the process. From the initial discussions about the move to the signing of the lease and beyond, she was there for me. She always returned my phone calls promptly and did all the necessary follow-up work in a timely fashion.

I work in the customer service arena and always like to acknowledge when someone has been particularly helpful and professional. This is a rare commodity in the business world today and her efforts should certainly be noted. "

Resident Clara Barton Apartments

"Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been dealing with Jeff, the Super/Manager at Belleview Gardens. From the first moment that I contacted him to tour the apartment, I have found him to be very courteous and accommodating. Even though I usually arrived after 6:00 pm from work, he always made himself available. I’ll never forget that day, February 28th, when my roommate and I arrived to pay the security deposit and were greeted with the news that the full rent was required. Jeff was gracious enough to give us time to come up with the rest of the money and was there waiting for us after 8:00 pm to finalize the transaction.

Since meeting Jeff, I have always found him to be very cheerful and willing to go the extra mile. For instance, I have called Jeff several times with a question and he always answers his phone. This same attitude has continued even after we moved into the apartment. I have called him with things to be fixed and he’s there promptly within seconds. He has literally rolled out the welcome mat and made the transition to Belleview Gardens into a delightful experience. I am rather touched by all his kindness and thoughtfulness and, thus, feel compelled to let you know what a wonderful job he is doing. Thank you.”

Resident Belleview Garden Apartments

This summer I will be residing at the Frenchtown Commons for four years! I can honestly say that overall it has been a pleasure to live here. I am grateful for all that Sal does, knowing he has his plate full every day.

Sal is aware of what needs fixing. Mainly the big hole in the corner ceiling of the bedroom. A few other minor things as well.

I gave my lease renewal to Sal on 3/11/14!

Resident Frenchtown Commons Apartments

"Property Managers do a good job."

Resident Verona Plaza Apartments

"To Whom it May Concern: I have lived in the Village Arms Apartments for over a year. My family and I really enjoy where we live. The staff, run by Anthony Febba, always keeps up on maintenance and the basic upkeep, both in and outside. Every time we call Anthony, he makes sure things are taken are taken care of the same day. He is always very helpful, and addresses any concerns we have. We have never had any problems here. "

Resident Village Arms Apartments

"I hope that Mr. Goldberg receives this email -- because I'm writing to give high praise to the manager of my complex, Laureen. During Hurricane Sandy my apartment was out of power for a week. In fact, our side of the complex was without power for three days longer than the other half of the complex. Laureen called the city of Madison every day to ensure that Towne Gardens remained a top priority on their list. She also sent us frequent texts and emails to keep us apprised of the situation. The down trees on the property were dealt with the day after the storm, and she continually checked in on us to make sure that we were alright. Furthermore, Laureen provided a warming station for those of us who were without power the longest. She also ran an extension cord from her apartment so that we could charge our cell phones. I was a property manager for three years with HUD, so I know a good property manager when I see one, and Laureen is definitely one of the best. I wanted to pass on my praise to you, and please let Laureen know that her residents are especially thankful for the work she did for us during the storm. "

Resident Towne Gardens Apartments

"I am one of the tenants at the Clara Barton Apartments, and am writing in regard to your on-site manager, Betty DuChantier. Since she has been the on-site manager for the past year she is an outstanding lady. She is a professional lady both on the telephone and in person. Any matters presented to her relating to the apartment or personal have been taken care of as soon as possible. When a request is made for repair, etc. she returns and follows up with a telephone call. You don't have to keep calling the office several times to get an answer, as in the past.

Please recognize Betty's good work that she is doing for Clara Barton Apartments.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. "

Resident Clara Barton Apartments

"I'm relatively new to this development but I have to say that I've been more than happy with management and maintenance. Paul is a GEM of a man and I couldn't resist mentioning his name. All in all I'm very happy with how the development is kept up. Whatever landscaper you chose to use to maintain the common areas, does a beautiful job. Bayberry Gardens is a wonderful place to live!"

Resident Bayberry Gardens

"I have been a resident at Strathmore Gardens in Aberdeen, NJ since 12/2008. About 6 months ago there has been a management change, the Resident Manager and the Super for the complex. Since then the place is excellent! Especially the Super- Every time something is needed (I called twice during 6 months) the Super responded right away and got it done immediately and professionally! Things are so good there, that I’m now extremely happy living at Strathmore Gardens."

Resident Strathmore Gardens N.J.

"I really don't see any improvements to be made. I've noticed that the maintenance men did extremely well this winter shoveling the sidewalks and apartment steps. We had a lot of snow this year and they did the best they could.

I see improvements all the time, from year to year, and I'm very happy to be a tenant."

Resident Village Arms Apartments

"I am satisfied with my rental apartment. I am impressed with the interior and exterior of this and surrounding buildings are maintained. In fact, whenever I experienced a problem, I found that a call to Francine (Manager), was friendly, helpful and the problem was remedied almost immediately. Also, the maintenance worker (lady) is also friendly and knowledge. "

Resident Pleasant Valley Apartments

"KUDOS FOR OUR RESIDENT MANAGER LAUREEN MAVER! Dear Mr. Goldberg, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what a stellar job our Resident Manager, Laureen Maver, did before, during and after Hurricane Sandy. Between my husband and me we have resided at Towne Gardens for nearly 10 years and we are all too familiar with our basement flooding. If it were not for Laureen's action to have the gutters cleaned just days before the storm, I am convinced we would have massive damage to our belongings. Thanks to her, our basement remained completely dry. Also, we witnessed Laureen out in the parking lot dealing with the police over a very tilted and worrisome tree when it was extremely dangerous to be outside. Whenever we, or one of our neighbors, called Laureen about an issue she took immediate action. That was also the case right after the storm. Towne Gardens lost so many beautiful and large trees and she had crews dealing with it as soon as possible. I would like to add, aside from Sandy, Laureen always follows up IMMEDIATELY when we have any issues regarding our apartment. She is a pleasure and a delight and I know for a fact my husband and I are not the only tenants who think so. We just wanted her hard work to be recognized. Thank you for your time and have a good day. "

Resident Towne Gardens Apartments

"Bev and T.J.: Thank you so much for all your help over the weekend. I know it was your day off and you didn't have to help me, but I greatly appreciate it. Thanks again, and I hope you like breakfast this morning."

Resident Village Arms Apartments

Please terminate my lease 03/31/2017. I'll be moving after March 1st, 2017. I'm going into assisted living home. You have a nice place here but I’m too old to be living alone. You have some good people here. The management is very helpful.

William R. Green Frenchtown Commons